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NUADU is a formative, summative, and normative assessment platform with supplementary features that enhance learning. Flexible and adaptive but teacher led.

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  • The NUADU’s Comprehensive Exams Portfolio: Tailored Assessments for Every Stage and Purpose
    We are offering a wide array of assessment solutions that are both accessible and top-tier. Our portfolio is designed to meet the diverse needs of educational institutions, HR departments, and language centers. Here, we delve into the specifics of each exam we offer: For Adults and…
  • The Advantages of NUADU’s Online Exams Over Traditional Paper-Based Exams
    At NUADU, we are driven by the belief that education should be both accessible and effective for everyone. Our online exams solution embodies this philosophy by offering a multitude of advantages over traditional paper-based exams. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the unique benefits that…
  • The Benefits of Online Exams: Why NUADU is the Smart Choice for Your Institution
    Online exams are rapidly becoming the new norm for educational institutions of all sizes. While traditional paper-based exams have been the norm for many years, the benefits of online exams are impossible to ignore. NUADU offers a comprehensive online exam solution that helps institutions conduct exams…
  • NUADU Unveils State-of-the-Art Language Assessment Solution!
    We’re proud to introduce NUADU English Check—a revolutionary online assessment service designed to elevate English language learning at schools, universities, and learning centers. 📚✨ Say hello to: Accurate CEFR-Aligned Assessments Instant Automated Proofing and Feedback Comprehensive Reporting and Certifications Special Launch Offer: For a limited time,…
  • NUADU English Check
    NUADU English Check to najnowszy produkt w ofercie NUADU umożliwiający niezawodny i skuteczny sposób oceny stopnia znajomości języka angielskiego. Nasza platforma oferuje kompleksowe rozwiązanie, które jest zgodne z wytycznymi Europejskiego Systemu Opisu Kształcenia Językowego (CEFR), zapewniając dokładne i ustandaryzowane oceny. Pakiet gotowych testów umożliwia przygotowanie uczniów…
  • Celebrating Language Empowerment: NUADU and BenQ’s Impactful Presence at CONAPLIN 16
    Thrilled to have been part of the prestigious CONAPLIN 16 conference, alongside BenQ Indonesia, where we joined forces to promote language empowerment through technology.