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Inovasi dan Penelitian dalam Pengajaran

Kami mengundang para guru dan pimpinan sekolah dari sektor publik dan swasta Indonesia untuk hadir dan mengikuti Festival Belajar-Mengajar online “Inovasi dan Penelitian dalam Pengajaran: mempercepat transformasi dalam pendidikan” 21-23 Desember 2020! Untuk informasi detail dan pendaftaran dapat dilihat pada tautan berikut:

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Innovation and Research in Teaching

We are delighted to invite teachers and school leaders from the Indonesian public and private sector for the online Teaching & Learning Festival “Innovation and Research in Teaching: accelerating transformation in education” 21-23 December 2020! Details and registration:

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Measure young learners’ English skills

The Young Learners Examinations (YLE) are examinations offered for young learners, aligned with the Cambridge Young Learner’s English Tests (CYLET) content and are designed for students aged between 7 to 12 years old who are learning English as a second or additional language.

There are three levels to the examinations; Starters, Movers and Flyers, which all test students’ abilities in all four English skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing, and students can start at a level that is suited to their current English ability, as assessed by their teacher.

The YLE content introduces students to everyday spoken and written English in an engaging, fun and methodical way to help children gain knowledge and confidence to learn and improve their English. The materials provided are designed specifically for younger learners using interesting, colourful and vibrant pictures with relatable characters and topics to widen their vocabulary and comprehension skills.

The examinations are structured in three sections; Listening, Reading and Writing, and Speaking and are conducted in a low-pressure and enjoyable way to ensure young learners and comfortable and confident. Students receive a report card after completing their examination which awards them shields for each section of the exam. Students can receive between one to five shields in each section which indicate their strengths and areas for improvement.