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NUADU Rok Szkolny 2020/2021

W roku szkolnym 2020/2021 ponad 120 polskich szkół będzie korzystać z NUADU. Nasz system pomaga nauczycielom i uczniom w kartkówkach, sprawdzianach, egzaminach i nie tylko 🙂 Wszystkim zaangażowanym w proces szkolnej edukacji życzymy ZDROWIA, SUKCESÓW i UŚMIECHU!

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NUADU Testimonials

“A perfect tool that facilitates work with the students to an enormous extent.”

District Mayor of Warsaw

“We started working with NUADU two years ago and this is one of the best platforms we have had the opportunity to work with.”

Headmaster of the School Complex No. 1

“The platform is complementary to the learning process during the lesson and, for the pupils, it constitutes an excellent form of consolidating knowledge at home and using information technology. The platform makes it possible to motivate pupils to study regularly and reduces the time teachers need to give homework assignments.”

Principal of Primary School No. 114

“NUADU makes checking a given assignment an automatic process, whereby the teacher gets the data on how well the students perform in each subject as well as the gaps in their knowledge. The conclusions drawn from conversations with the teachers are clear.”

Head of the Department of Education
Targówek District, Warsaw

“I have been using the NUADU platform for two years now. Thanks to this solution, eager students can not only consolidate their processed material into class work but can also expand their knowledge of the content that was not discussed during the lesson. Students are eager to benefit from this form of knowledge acquisition, as it is attractive and meshes with gratification in the form of good grades.”

Head of the Department of Education
Targówek District, Warsaw

“It is a faster way of learning, and much easier to comprehend than books.
It is more fun than just sitting with a sheet of paper and a pencil.”

Teacher of Mathematics at the Primary School No. 378

“Our students lacked the motivation to do their homework, but this situation changed when the history teacher decided to use the NUADU platform. Students perform their assignments willingly, and they can evaluate their work. They are not afraid of ridicule from their peers, their knowledge of the subject is up to date, and it is adapted to their age and potential.”

Primary School Principal

“NUADU attracts a great deal of interest from the teachers and students of our school because it reduces the time that teachers need to prepare and check students’ tests of varying length, as well as their homework assignments, and students are becoming increasingly willing to do their homework . . .
This educational platform is worth recommending to every school.”

Principal of School Complex No. 1

“Assigning homework or short tests on the NUADU educational platform is an excellent way of supplementing regular paper homework . . . From the teacher’s perspective, it is good to choose exercises from the question bank of tasks with various difficulty levels.”

Teacher, Hotel Industry School

“Thanks to NUADU, teachers can quickly and accurately detect any gap in a pupil’s knowledge while providing the opportunity for additional development. The simple, friendly interface and attractive design make it easier for pupils to do their homework, which, in turn, results in more regular studies and improves the results.”

Grzegorz Szczuka, Director of the Department of Social Development

“The definite advantage of the system was the way it operated, as well as the orderly process of creating and generating homework assignments . . .
The system’s adaptability was another benefit. Schoolchildren could log in to access the platform and do their homework at any time. Additionally, each student could pause and then resume their homework later. It was also possible to access it from a mobile phone or any device with access to the Internet, and not just a network machine.”

Principal, Junior Secondary School No. 126

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Interviews and surveys with users of our platform

Encounters with Teachers in Poland, Singapore, and Jakarta

October 2018 was a very fruitful month for NUADU. We had a series of meetings with school teachers, directors and heads of municipalities, mayors of cities. We visited the 5th ICT Congress in Education in Toruń and the VII Forum of Directors of Education Institutions in Katowice. We conducted interviews and surveys with users of our platform in Gdynia, Singapore, and Jakarta to take a closer look at their everyday work, learn about problems and needs. We will present our findings in the research report in Q1 2019! Watch this space or subscribe to our newsletter on!