Our future depends on social skills and emotional management

NUADU together with the American organization SEL for Prevention (Social and Emotional Learning) provide an educational program and digital technology enabling students aged 5-14 to develop important life skills.
NUADU plans to solve educational problems with AI and a grant from the National Center for Research and Development

Every student needs time
Predictions for EdTech in 2019

We were asked to provide the input for the article EDTECH IN 2019: EXPERTS AND FOUNDERS AROUND THE WORLD SHARE PREDICTIONS, recently published by news.elearninginside.com. Here is our part:
Adaptivity: from Stone Age to AI

Adaptive learning and machine learning are not techniques that have emerged over the last few years with the spreading of computers and smartphones. The beginnings date back to the 1960s and Arthur Samuel from IBM, who developed the first chess training program.
Students’ Engagement and Motivation
Why do we ever stop studying?
When Technology Meets Assessment
Education has been a priority for many centuries. In recent years, the world has seen an unprecedented increase in technology that has transformed education sector at many levels. For instance, digital transformation of educational institutes where wireless technology is...
Data-Driven Education
At NUADU, we appreciate the challenges currently facing educators.